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Advanced Trading Workshop, aka, ATW

We created the Advanced Trading Workshop to assist you in becoming a consistently profitable trader, a skill you can use in any liquid financial market for the rest of your life. We mainly trade the major E-mini futures, but our methods work equally well on Forex, equities or commodities.

We are market veterans who are passionately committed to your success. In our courses and trade rooms, we teach you to see and analyze market structure and dynamics and then use this ability to trade with discretion or system-trade. Our fully-disclosed systems have very high win ratios…but as an ATW trader you will learn to out-trade a ‘black-box’ system.

We hope you will register for our no-obligation free trial and see traders of all experience levels becoming consistently profitable. We invite you to see how we can support you in achieving, or exceeding, your trading goals.

Jerry Simmons and Andy Carlsen

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